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 The main field of interest and investigations conducted at the Division of Medical Apparatus are issues that fall within the general concept of Biomedical Engineering, namely:

§ long-term investigations of an artificial heart valve with a disk covered with nanocrystalline  diamond, conducted on the test stand built at the Division,

§ investigations of conductivity in regenerated nerves in rats and an application of  freezing and heating techniques while removing focal changes in the thyroid lobes, in cooperation with the Division of Flow Metrology,

§ investigations on diamond microflow devices for DNA and protein analyses within the international MNT ERANET project,

§ numerical simulations of the blood flow within the region of heart valves, vertebral arteries, artificial heart chamber, Corriolis circle. Numerous numerical experiments have been conducted to investigate the flow structure around artificial heart valves for different geometrical configurations and positions at the chamber outlet:

o investigations of flows in the artificial hear chamber developed by the team headed by Mr Roman Kustosz from the Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze, Poland,

o investigations of an effect of the position of the angular artificial heart valve  designed and selected on the basis of Prof. Jacek Moll’s model,

o investigations of an effect of the blood vessel geometry on disturbances in the brain blood supply system.


The Division of Medical Apparatus takes also part in projects ordered by the industry and  dealing with:

§         modernization of compressors,

§         design of turbomachines,

§         design of special tools for various branches of industry,

§         numerical calculations of flow systems and drive systems,

§         design of specialist measurement apparatus for medical purposes.


The Division of Medical Apparatus conducts courses (lecturers, projects, seminars, lab classes) in Polish and English for students of the Technical University of Lodz:

§         projects and diplomas,

§         Medical Apparatus,

§         Biomeasurements,

§         Blood Flows,

§         Artificial Organs,

§         Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics,

§         Energy resources and their conversion,

§         CAD.

Within the conducted investigations, numerous MSc and BSc theses, as well projects are prepared every year. The Division cooperates with:

§         Imperial College in London, Great Britain

§         Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic

§         Max Planck University in Mainz, Germany

§         Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia

§         Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze, Poland

§         Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

§         Medical University in Lodz, Poland

§         Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital - Research Institute in Lodz, Poland

§         Coventry University, Great Britain

§         Cranfield University, Great Britain

§         Faurecia Automobile Chairs, Ltd, in Grójec, Poland

§         Dresser-Rand, France


Staff members of the Division of Medical Apparatus;

Prof. Krzysztof Jóźwik, DSc, PhD - Head

Damian Obidowski, DSc, PhD

Rafał Dychto, PhD

Daniel Jodko, PhD

Anna Karczemska, PhD

Piotr Reorowicz, PhD

Dariusz Witkowski, PhD




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